Planning and Three-Year Budget Forecast Manual

The Planning and Three-Year Budget Forecast Manual is designed to assist the Dean, Director or Senior Business Officer in preparing for the annual budget cycle.
Planning and Three-Year Budget Forecast Manual (PDF)

Budget Amendments/Modifications

If a change in your budget is needed, complete a Budget Amendment/Modification Request form.  The form is available online in XLSX format.

Data Analysis Services

We participate in various surveys sponsored by governmental agencies, university associations and other universities. The primary surveys we participate in are the AAUP and IPEDS surveys. We publish AAUP data in our annual Three Year Forecast and Budget Planning Manual. In addition to formal surveys, the Office of Budget and Planning provides staff and faculty statistical data, studies and headcounts on request. Marvin Azarraga may be contacted for assistance.

Administrative Oversight

Budget and Planning provides administrative oversight to Treasury Services and Health Plans.